The influence of the american gastronomy

American gastronomy
Image The influence of the american gastronomy

America is a land of multiculturalism. In fact, the population of the United States of America is composed of diverse people from around the world. The first settlers from Europe and the UK mixed up with the Native American Indians.

Later on, other people from Africa, Asia, Mexico, South America and Pacific Island immigrated to America for many reasons. It is a real mosaic as far as culinary art is concerned. Discover the influence of the American gastronomy with eDreams.

American gastronomy and its characteristics

American gastronomy is characterized by a striking culinary diversity and creativity. This is due to the various ethnicity and culture in the USA. 

  • English settlers in America introduced the sandwiches which derived its name from the Earl of Sandwich. 
  • Native Americans taught Americans how to make pumpkin pie on the first Thanksgiving Celebration; and later on, Americans favor apple pie. 
  • The Europeans, in turns, brought different kinds of cuisines and spices. The influx of immigrants entering the USA has given rise to an interesting diversity in cuisines and cooking styles in America. French cuisine is the most popular one; but the Mexican influence on the American gastronomy is also striking. 
  • The Italians introduced pizza and spaghetti in the USA. Now Americans are famous for their spaghetti and meatballs, as well as pizza. Hundreds of different pizza toppings are available to choose from. Besides, there are many pizza restaurants in every State in the USA.

In fact, America is endowed with a rich culinary diversity as regards cooking methods, ingredients and taste. The need to improve and excel in culinary art is so strong that Americans always seek for innovation in taste and in food display.

Influence of the American gastronomy

American gastronomy has a great influence in the cuisines of other countries. Here are some classic examples. 

  • Bagels are typically American. Basically, they are made of four ingredients, especially yogurt, egg whites, flour and baking powder. The ingredients are mixed and then baked in the oven. Other countries have been influenced by the American bagel making. However, they do not bake the dough; instead they fry it in much oil. Then, they give it a different name. 
  • Apple pie is a popular dessert. In fact Americans love it more to the other kinds of cake. Other influences of this typical dish make people in other countries bake a pie with all kinds of fruits for topping, including strawberry, pineapple, or cherry. Others use custard to top the pie. 
  • Baked beans are all American favorites. This dish made of beans is so delicious. In some countries, they adopt the same idea and have sausages with red beans or white beans in tomato sauce, which is really delicious. They spice the beans with fried onions, curry powder, black pepper and ginger. 
  • Mashed potatoes and chicken. Everyone loves the American mashed potatoes, especially if served with fresh cream and chicken. It is also a real delicacy in many countries, even though they do not add any fresh cream to it.

A culinary trip to the USA

The USA is home to a large variety of interesting ethnic dishes because of the multiple ethnicity of the population. Tourists who return from a trip to the USA are so fascinated in the American cuisine.

Quite often, they adopt the recipe by adding other ingredients, or by replacing some of the ingredients in order to have a new recipe, which is somehow similar to the American one.

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